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Aledo RV Community was founded from a passion for Fort Worth and a commitment to providing a standout destination. Rooted in the area, our team offers personalized care, ensuring a memorable stay in our well-equipped RV Park with both cozy accommodations and spacious spots. Located centrally in Aledo, we provide short and long term rentals with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable experience. Whether exploring Aledo or seeking a second home, our welcoming team is here to make your visit special.

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Our Mission

At Aledo RV Community, our mission is to provide a welcoming, secure, and beautifully maintained environment that feels like home. Rooted in our love for Fort Worth and commitment to the Aledo community, we aim to offer top-notch amenities and exceptional service, ensuring every guest experiences the comfort and charm of Texas living. Whether staying short-term or settling in longer, our park is designed to be your peaceful retreat in the heart of Aledo.
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Our Customer Reviews

Here's what our customers have to say about our park!

Since August 2022, Scotty has been outstanding, offering unmatched support and kindness.

- Jessica Kneese

Affordable rates, excellent staff, and strong security features, including cameras and a gated entrance. Highly recommended for its amenities like laundry and showers.

- Isaias Estrada

The park’s newness adds to its appeal, ensuring only positive experiences.

- Jeff Fish

Currently residing here and absolutely loving it.

- Juan Mendez

I’ve spent a year here enjoying the evolving amenities like new showers and laundry facilities.

- Desiree Tillman

It’s one of the safest and cleanest parks, with a peaceful atmosphere and stunning city views.

- Jennifer Mash

This park has a great view and nice bathhouse. Closest park to Whire Settlement. You get that out town beautiful star gazing country but the convenience of town 10 minutes down the road. The management is great and very helpful to their tenants.

- Wendy Sloan

Very very quiet, nice, safe RV Park. I recommend it to anyone looking to set up post.

- Dreana Michelle

I have stayed here during job relocation. I have seen many improvements to the park since I moved in. Very helpful owners. Dennis and Scoty have gone above and beyond to help me with any issues and problems with my RV. I am not a very mechanical person. I feel confident that while I am out of town my RV is safe. Which is important to me.

- Michael

One of our favorite parks to stay at!

- Tyson Parsons